Open hi-hat in Dorico Elements

How can I get an open Hi Hat in Dorico élements …??

Select the note you want to be open, type Shift+P to open the playing techniques popover, and type “open” (without the quotes), then hit Return twice.

Hej Daniel. My hi-hat won’t play open.
And I just followed your instructions. Halion Sonic SE.

Have you tried using that playing technique (under unpitched percussion, the circle)?
Capture d’écran 2021-09-15 à 14.33.23

Yep. That’s how I always notate an open hi-hat.

Well, that’s supposed to trigger the open pt2 playback technique, which should be linked to the open hi-hat in the percussion map used automatically by Dorico. Can you check in Play mode which percussion map you’re using ? That would appear clicking on the little cog next to the vsti used, in the right column.

Is this what you mean?
Drum program - Halion Sonic SE

No, that’s the actual drum patch that’s being used by HSSE to play back the drum kit, which is good, because it’s the default one. If you open the Endpoint Setup dialog, do you see the Yamaha XG percussion map chosen for the appropriate channel?

You clicked on the round e, I told you to click on the cog :wink:

Don’t know what a cog is…
But I think I found it.

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Now you know :wink:
That is strange, it should work properly. Can you share some of your project? A cut-down version with only some bars of drums should be enough for us to try and understand what’s wrong…

I think I need to do a fresh install of the Halion engine.
I moved the sounds from my internal HDD to an external some time ago.
So besides the open Hi-Hat I also have a problem with the tenorsax.
How do I uinstall Halion and remove all of it, before doing a fresh install?

There’s a library manager that should be used when you want to re-locate sounds, without having to reinstall the whole thing. But you probably should have used it in the first place :wink:

I think I did that. But something isn’t right anyway.
Do you know how to make a clean uninstall before installing again?

It’s not straightforward to uninstall the sounds manually. My suggestion would be to run the Dorico sounds/content installer again to re-establish the connections in Steinberg Library Manager, and then if you need to move the content again, do it using the provided functionality in Steinberg Library Manager, rather than by manually copying files around.

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