Open hi hat isn't cut off by closed hi hat...

Normally this is something very fundamental with drum machines and samplers for probably 20 years or so. I just switched from Battery 3 to Groove Agent 4 and the open hi hat should not continue sounding after followed by a closed hi hat. I’ve tried but I can’t seem to find how it’s done. There must be a way to do this and it’s probably right in front of me but I just don’t see it. I’d appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction.

Thanks much!

OK, as I fumble around I’ve found a kit that does shut off the open hi hat. If someone knows what I have to do to make the other kit(s) do the same I would greatly appreciate knowing.

Thanks again!

Choose all pads that shall choke each other by ctrl- (win) or cmd-clicking (mac).
Click on the edit page. In the edit-page, choose “main”. There you see the maximum number
of voices and the exclusive-group on top of the waveform-window.
Set the exclusive group by hovering your cursor over it and scrolling.
Or double-click in it and type a group number.
If you want that the sample chokes itself too, set the maximum number of voices to one.


Thanks ‘No1DaBeats’!