Open HiHat Playback Dorico

Hi there

I’m having a stange issue with the Playback of the open HiHat in Dorico.

I’m entering the Playing technique correctly via the Unpitched Percussion section.
Now what gets me puzzled is the fact, that the playback only works on some notes, and not on all
marked as ‘open’.
Which notes work and which don’t seem pretty random, so I’m clueless what could have caused this issue.

Anyone encountered such a phenomenon already?

Thank’s for your thoughts about this!


Quickest way is probably to post the file, or part of the file for us to see. Helps to know which instrument you are using for playback, the expression map, etc. Generally its somewhere in that arena or how you are using the articulation, so lots easier to see it…

Which VSTi are you using ? If it’s HSSE+HSO, you can check out its percussion map — I just checked here and there’s only one open hi-hat (note 46-Bb2) so I don’t think any other instrument could give you an “open” sound in the drum set.
Ok, I read your post again and understand you’re talking about different notes from the same hi-hat. The only reason I can see that would prevent that sound to be triggered would be a specific playing technique that interacts with the “open 2” playback technique. So we would need to actually see the file to chase these down.
Hope it helps !

Hi thanks already for your replies.

Here is the project in question.
In Bars 19 & 20 are some open HiHats that are played back correctly. In Bar 1 to 8 none is played open.

I Feel Good Drums v2.dorico (626.0 KB)

Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks for the file.
That one was easy: I don’t know what playing technique you used (that little o) but if you go to the playing techniques panel, open the unpitched percussion category and choose the little circle there (if you hover your mouse over it, it will say pt.open2, which is the right playback technique) and alt-click it on all the notes that need it, your problem is solved.I Feel Good Drums v2.dorico (626.9 KB)


If you switch to Layout Options/Players/Percussion and choose Single-line Instruments, you don’t even have the circle assigned to the Hi-Hat there, as it’s assigned to a non-existent Tom.


Thank you all so much for your quick help!

I really was stuck there (though it was such an easy fix :sweat_smile:)

I think especially the Single-Line Instrument view will facilitate a lot in my future programming :relaxed:

Thanks again and best regards