Open in Wavelab?

Is there a reference anywhere to exactly how Wavelab is meant to be used as a ‘round trip’ editor for files in Nuendo or Cubase?

This appears poorly documented in all manuals: on the Nuendo/Cubase side there is an ‘Open in Wavelab’ menu item & on the Wavelab side there is a non-descript ‘target’ button that sometimes updates the corresponding file in the DAW.

Is there more than this re. complete round-tripping? Presently it would seem that relatively minor file-level edits can be made & updated; on the other hand, would seem no way to commit FX from the Master section, or to use Audio Montage processing etc.

If that’s all there is, then perhaps best to stick with independent ‘pre-master’ renders.

It’s just ‘Edit in Wavelab’ when you’re in Cubendo and then ‘trigger update in Cubase/Nuendo’ when you are in Wavelab.

No I don’t think there is much more.

To include Master section effects you could render in place in Wavelab before you trigger the update in Cubase.

AFAIK there is no way to use the audio montage in this context. The function is to use Wavelab as an external editor for Cubendo to take advantage of its comprehensive audio editor.

Ah, that’s it … ‘render in place’. Not something I have been doing at all in Wavelab (rather, in Cubendo). In Wavelab I usually follow the process of render to file, then open without master fx etc.

Many thanks.