"Open Last Project on Startup" new behavior

Nuendo 11 keeps loading the last open project, even if you launch N11 by double-clicking a different project file. It loads the “last open” first and then the one you actually want.

I don’t recall that the preference “Open Last Project on Startup” worked like this before.

A couple of questions:
1 - PC or Mac?
2 - Nuendo version?
3 - Post a screenshot of your preference settings “General”

I’m on PC/Nuendo 11.0.41 and do not have this problem. It will only open the project I double click on, and will only open the last project if I launch Nuendo from the app or shortcut.

I like having the “Steinberg Hub” open every time I start Nuendo. Helps with opening different sessions from there.

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Agreed @noeqplease , and it will always default to the Recent Projects list, if that is what was selected last.

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