Open last used

I’m sorry if this is already a “feature” but I can’t find it.

Open last project at startup.

nuff said.

There’s more. I’ll be back. I’ve returned to Cubase after 20 years with Logic, but having started my computer-based odyssey on Pro 12 back in the mists of time, only moving to Logic when my PC couldn’t run Cubase SX. I’m impressed that Steinberg have managed to capture (most of) my wants/needs for LPX where Crapple spectacularly failed to do so.

Also impressed that “switching” is being as easy as it seems to be. There’s still some weirdness going on that others have captured and ranted on much more eloquently than I could so I’ll leave that to them (VSTI/MIDI/Instrument tracks/Racks/two tracks for stuff where I only need one in LP/no MIDI parts on Inst audio tracks etc - wtf is that all about?)

Well done Steinberg
/end clapping