Open letter to Steinberg about C11


With a little perspective, a month after Cubase 11’s released, I have to say I’ve now moved all new projects to a different DAW. C11 introduced a bug with the addition of the scale assistant. Certainly the worst I have seen in my history with Cubase (Since SX2). It made me switch to Reaper in the last few weeks. But since I have a ton of active projects that were started with Cubase, I’m still confronted to this huge issue that I feel Steinberg should publicly apologize for. The issue is the following :

Every midi or instrument tracks that have midi modifiers as inserts are now locked to a Locrien scale by default so all my templates, track presets and existing projects are now broken. I would have to go through every template, track preset and projets to fix this issue, all due to negligence and a premature release. I’m simply not going to do that.

If Steinberg had any respect for there customers, they’d take responsibility and issue refunds or a maintenance update fast. If not then at the very least an apology. I would not even be surprised if this is still an issue in the next maintenance update as they probably have there hands full with fixing HiDPI support that they sold us twice knowing perfectly well was still not working in Windows.

So this will be my last thread here. Considering I might have about 20 years left in this business, I dont need that kind of frustration from my DAW. Steinberg has failed to deliver on there claims on countess occasions. Each year they fail at delivering a solid and what should be an enjoyable upgrade experience.

I would never tolerate such negligence from RME, Soundtoys, UAD etc… so why should I with Cubase? Well the answers is, I’m not. Steinberg have had more than enough chances to fix long overdue issues but they just keep adding new stuff without fixing enough of what’s broken. And on top of that, this year they’ve started breaking things. They seems to have lost sight of what makes a respectable software company with premature releases and trying yo meet the November deadline each year.

I sincerely hope they can climb back up that hill and restore what was once a great respectable DAW that I enjoyed very much working with. Until then, I’m slowly migrating all new projects to a different DAW.

Best of luck and a merry Christmas to all.


Can’t you report the issue, help Steinberg fix it, and revert to 10.5? One of the things I look for in a tool is the community that uses it. Steinberg used to have an advantage there. Maybe that’s gone.


@dathho Expression maps are broken since the first release of 10.5 (which I own but don’t use because of this). This is a huge deal for a lot of people. There’s no official bug ticket and the C11 release has this still broken. I’m still waiting for a 10.5 fix. If not I’m going to claim a refund.

Community didn’t help either. A lot of people tried to reproduce reliably with different success. Although a lot of projects were provided there’s still no official answer from Steinberg.