open meter and accidentals question


open meter and accidentals question

Is there a way to have the accidentals written on the notes. I noticed that once a note have been written, i.e. Bb, it will always show later as B.

Notice that in this example, the first and the last note are the same, Bb. However, the last one is written as B (and sounds correctly Bb). It behaves as notes in the same bar. But by the time you are reading the last stave who can remember that 1st Bb…

Maybe some preference that I can turn on to avoid this? This is just a simple example to illustrate the problem. I have a complex piano part that there is no way someone would be able to read it without some accidentals.

Thank you for your time

Have a look under Notation options (cmd+shift+N) → Accidentals. Note that these settings only applies to the flow(s) selected in the left hand panel.

You can control individual accidentals in the properties panel.

Thank you so much!!!