Open meter : barlines and rehearsal marks do not copy?

As title says, everything is correctly pasted (notes, dynamics) except barlines and rehearsal marks (and maybe other symbols I’ve not experimented yet). Is this the expected behavior ?

Inputting barlines again is quite a tedious task, even if alt-clicking is involved.

EDIT 1 : Question concerns selection of one or several staves within a system.

EDIT 2 : Not possible at the moment (unless system-wide), Daniel answered here.

Make sure you either use Edit > Select All to select the whole flow, which will also select all system-attached items like rehearsal marks, time signatures and barlines, or use the system track to make a selection across the whole system. Then copy and paste after you’ve selected everything you actually want to copy.

Thank you Daniel,

Indeed, if whole section is selected (either by Edit > Select All or system-track), barlines are included in the selection. However, it seems this behavior doesn’t work when selecting only a few staves within a system (either by dragging selection tool or using shift-click).

This is why Daniel explicitly wrote “or use the system track”. They’ve implemented this system track to solve exactly the problems you’re facing.

Yes, when you make a marquee selection or a block selection with Shift+click, system-attached items are not selected. You can explicitly add them to the selection one by one with Ctrl+click, but that’s normally pretty slow.

Thanks Daniel and Marc, however I may have not been clear enough (not a native speaker, I try my best !). Please let me add more details :

I do understand that system track selects everything, a few bars or some chosen beats. However, unless I missed something, it does select across the whole system, which is not what I’m trying to do. Say there’s a flute and a violin in the system : I just want to copy some part of the flute, including its bars.

I’m sorry if I’m missing something really obvious and making this topic longer than necessary !

If you only want to copy one instrument’s music and the time signatures or custom barlines, you’ll need to manually select the time signatures or barlines with Ctrl+click (Command-click on macOS).

Thanks for taking time to reply Daniel, I thought I missed something.