Open Meter & Condensing

I’m working on a piece with a long cadenza. I’ve set the score to open meter and added bar lines manually in the soloing instrument. Then I’ve added a fermata in the remainder of the orchestra. So far so good.

When switching to Condensing view, however, the single bar rest with a fermata only appears on uncondensed instruments (e.g., Cor Anglais and Bass Clarinet in the attached screenshot). On subsequent pages, the uncondensed instruments are empty instead of the rest+fermata, but that’s fine too. The condensed staves show actual rests, which I don’t want.


(Separately, I’m hoping that hiding empty staves in particular bar/page ranges is on the near horizon – that would be wonderful for this kind of thing!)

Perhaps working with Ends voice / Starts voice?

Clever thinking, but it didn’t work. Thank you for the suggestion!

Maybe this isn’t what you’re looking for, but I made a quick example, and it seems to work fine with condensing, just adapting one of the orchestra templates. The first bar is open meter, then after that it goes to 4/4. (579 KB)

Thanks, Stephen. That does look fine, but I found that when I extended the open meter bar across multiple pages, it had the same problem. I guess that’s the root of the issue.

Much appreciated.

Maybe you could make one bar per page, and use Change Bar Number with hidden barlines, so the cadenza looks like it’s still just one bar long?

Clever! I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

I guess I’d presumably have some hiding to do in the parts so it just looks like one bar there?

Edit/Propagate Properties should take care of hidden barlines in the parts, I’m guessing?