Open meter feature request

Having the ability to input music in Open meter is fantastic. Something that would make this even more user-friendly would be some sort of keystroke that would stop the auto, or continuous beaming. As it now stands, I input everything, then have to go back and Beam together all the various groupings I need. It would be handy to do it on the fly during input- press a key, and that puts a stop to the beaming; continuing after that starts a new grouping - again, until that magic keystroke is used.

I don’t assume or suppose this is an easy thing, but here’e one vote for it!

Yes, this would indeed be a nice thing to add. It’s a little bit complicated because of the way beaming properties work internally (not only do you have to set a property on the previous note to end the current beam, but you also need to make sure that the properties on all preceding notes up to the start of that beam are set appropriately, too), but it’s something I agree we should add in future.