Open meter / individual player

Hi everyone, i’m writing a string quartet and I need a section with my cellist being in open meter while the other 3 players have specific time signatures.
I don’t think it’s a feature but is there a way to change time signatures independently for each player ?
Thank you !

It is indeed a feature! You can add an independent time sig on one staff by holding the Alt key as you press Enter (or as you click a meter in the panel).

If you change just your Cello to open meter, the music will still line up rhythmically with the other staves, just without the barlines.

oh wow !!! okay amazing ! Does that also work for tempo changes ? (meaning have tempo changes being linked to individual players).

Thank you so much !

No, there’s only one tempo track for everyone — though this has been requested many years ago, to comply with works such as Gruppen.

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