Open Meter Rests

I am trying to enter a piece of music that is for open meter. However, I want all the rests to be “hidden”. In Sibelius the fix was fairly easy as I could just hide all the rests but I can’t find an option for it in Dorico. Is there a way or a work around to have all the rests hidden when working in open meter?

Welcome to the forum, Scott! You can use Edit > Remove Rests to remove superfluous rests in other voices, but I’m not sure if that’s what you really want. Do you want to leave empty gaps, spaced as if rests are present but without showing any symbols, between chunks of music? If so, then selecting the rests and making them transparent via the ‘Colour’ property in the Common group of Properties might be the best way forward. If this doesn’t help, perhaps you could provide a picture of the kind of thing you’re after.

Thanks Daniel! I’ve got it working.

I am now having another issue with playback. I’ve watched the playback video but I still seem to be getting no sound after trying everything. The one step I am stuck at is in regards to “card options” I deselect it as I will have other applications using sound while in Dorico and then my speakers appear in the otherwise blank output box. I select my speakers and press okay. But when I go back into the dialogue all the options have been reset to their default values.