Open Metre Measure Dorico 5 Pro

I have Dorico Pro 5 on Windows 10.

I’ve tried to create an unmetred measure without success even though I did this numerous times using Dorico 4.

  1. I added a new blank bar to be my unmetred measure.
  2. I added the default time-signature of 4/4 to the following bar.
  3. On the new blank bar I opened the metre pop-over.
  4. I entered the open metre symbol X at the start of my open metre bar.

I now expected to be able to enter any note values eg 9/4 etc but am still restricted to my original time signature of 4/4.

Can anyone explain what I’m missing here.


Dorico will not add beats unless you turn on insert mode. There are several types of insert mode… The one you want is the one that keeps expanding the bar you are currently in to fit the notes you’re entering.

The page of this online manual should be titled “Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them.”


Thanks Dan,

Although, after trying a few searches, I couldn’t find that particular phrase in the manual I did find the insert mode selection in the left hand panel and the one I needed.

Pretty sure he was making a joke - I liked it anyway. But also I confess to being at the book store for the late night release of Deathly Hallows.

Yes, it was my Saturday morning attempt at a dad joke. :sunglasses: I was pretty pleased with myself, as is fitting for dad jokes.