Open Midi Parts and Folders Bug

Opening a folder midi part and a non folder midi part simultaneously causes parts to disappear from the midi editor

  1. Create project
  2. Create folder track with multiple tracks/parts in it
  3. Create track outside of folder
  4. populate all tracks with midi
  5. Collapse Folder
  6. Select parts in arrange window - One part on a track NOT in the folder as well the collapsed Folder track
  7. Open Midi editor.
  8. When you click on a note to edit, the other parts disappear.

Only solution I’ve found so far is to either put EVERYTHING in folders and collapse them and edit that way OR to never select parts that are folders, but rather to expand them.

This is very time consuming when there are many tracks and parts and you have to break your creative flow to make sure you’re not accidentally editing both folder and non folder parts.