Open Multiple CPRs at once (meta-project?)

I’ve had Cubase now for 20 years so this may be a Captain Obvious question…

Can you open -multiple- CPRs at one go, like a sort of ‘META-project’'? (Ideally with all the windows and settings the same)

I never used to even -try- to do this before, but for -whatever- reason, C10 has been -much- more stable for me. It still takes -forever- to switch between Active projects, but still, this would be useful for me.

Can do?

What happens if in Windows you select several .cpr files and double-click to open them all. Probably easier to do with Shortcuts all in one location.

Depending on what you are doing you might try using different versions of Cubase to open different Projects. I do this on occasion and it is nice because both Projects can be active at the same time. I suspect that this might cause problems for folks who’s ASIO drivers need to be released, which isn’t an issue with RME drivers which don’t blink at doing this.

Thanks for the idea. I’m loath to make something like that part of my normal workflow. This stuff always seems remarkably ‘fragile’ so doing -anything- that isn’t officially supported only happens in case of dire need.