Open New Batch Processor from Current File Always Grayed Out

hi, When i go to create a new batch process, I have 3 options, empty, from current file and template, the from current file is always grayed out and unusable no matter what files i have opened. Any Ideas whats up with this?


I think it should work but I always make a Template first
and then drag and drop in to the Batch Processor window.

regards S-EH

no S-EHansson it does not work, hence the reason I posted, but as to your comment yes I can drag files into the window.

It is enabled if a batch processor file is already opened and is the active tab.

Once again PG thanks so much for your input. I had completely misunderstood the concept. I thought from current file ment an audio file open in the audio editor, completely missing the point it was to open another batch processor.
Thank you for your clarification.