Open Office Writer with Cubase 6 crashes


I´m experiencing a problem when I open both Open Office Writer and Cubase 6; OO Writer crashes.

I posted on the OO forum as well, but they can´t help me so far. Does anyone here have any knowledge about this?




And how does this reply help me?

I think he’s just suggesting you close the word processor before you open the DAW.

Maybe if you explained to him why you need to have both open at the same time … . . . .? I’m kind of scratching
my head about that one as well.

I can run both quite happily (C6.0.7 and OO3.30m20, which I use for lyrics but I guess you could also use for project notes as the supplied notepads are adequate enough but basic). We have identical h/w but I run Home, not Ultimate. Sounds like you’ve got a conflict going on somewhere specific to you. Does it crash with just the host open and non-native plugins disabled?

I use OO just like Crotchety says.

So in the meantime I´ve tried several things to get them to crash and of course now they don´t. :confused:

I can only say it crashed earlier with third party plugins/vsti´s in use and now it doesn´t.

Makes me feel a bit like a fool. Oh well, if it is mysteriously solved you won´t hear me complain. Otherwise I´ll make a new post here.

Thanks so far for your replies!

I have occasionally walked up to bolshie machines in a threatening manner and found that they suddenly decided to work. Since then, I have come across the theory of morphic resonance, whereby (in part) once something happens for the first time it becomes ever likelier to happen everywhere else. Sounds far-fetched but looks like there might be something in it after all. The aether learns! Please don’t ask me me how much I’m joking… :sunglasses: :wink:


No, you’ve misunderstood. Yer Mom III doen’t require his posts to help a poster with the problem expressed.

What was I thinking? How stupid of me :blush:

Thanks, it all makes sense to me now :open_mouth:


I thought I was the only one who sacrificed chickens and did the Shaman chanting before firing up the DAW. I keep trying to write a song about it, but it keeps getting mysteriously deleted from Cubase … :smiley:

Saying “Thank you.” to a computer that works is courting disaster. :mrgreen:
And after switching it off how do you know it doesn’t sleep with one eye open?

“To the water. It is time!” (old French proverb) please translate. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And hello sailor to you, ducky! :confused: Sometimes I wonder what you’re on, conman… :wink:

Perhaps this gives us an insight into where all these peculiar “bugs” keep coming from. :smiley:

(I hope the OP doesn’t mind all this because we’re so far OT we’re approaching interstellar space…)

Huh? What…?! Were you talking to me? I was just trying that chicken thing, but something went horribly wrong here…