Open old project files from Cubase Sx3

Hi, I wish someone could help me on opening old project files from Cubase Sx3.
I currently employ Cubase 11 Elements LE.
First, the old vst’s aren’t there anymore, because they were all 32 bit based.
So Cubase is asking me if I still want to keep these tracks or not, still they appear as useless until I open the same amount of new tracks from the actual vst list and try to copy the old track content to the new one (hoping it will work out fine).
This was lots easier with previous versions of Cubase.
Is there a better way to work this out?

Unfortunately this is painful, because so much has changed since SX3 was released some 18 years ago.

Are the tracks MIDI or audio tracks? For example, if they are MIDI tracks, just keep them and replace the plugin they were outputting to. If they are audio, just keep them and replace the effect plugin.