Open plugin on a certain slot per keycommand

Hey there, it would be nice to have a solution to toggle/open plugins on a certains slots per key command. This could be done on the selected track and the output/monitoring section of the control room.

If I hit F1 then Plugin on Slot1 opens/closes
If I hit F2 then Plugin on Slot2 opens/closes

Right now I have certain plugins on my control room output, which I always use during every session and I would like to open/close them by hitting a keycommand. Like metering, reference or room correction plugins.
Instead of always opening the control room sidebar with the mouse and click to open it.
Would be a nice to have on normal tracks as well on some occasions, as my mix and master busses always have the same order of plugins loaded onto them. This is possible on certain other DAWs, so would be nice to have it here as well.