Open plugin shortcut or macro

This is a simple one: a key command to open insert plugin 1 on selected track, insert plugin 2 on selected track… and so on for at least 5-6 plugins. Should be simple enough. Should be a basic feature already in place.

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You can do so in the Generic Remote device and assign a MIDI command/bar Message:
Mixer | Selected | Ins. X *plug-in name* > Edit

But you can’t do this via Key Command.

So I’ve heard. I’d really love it if they made it possible via key command so that i can assign it to the user definable buttons on my UF8… :confused:

You can build entire ‘Workspaces’ that have any collection of things open and positioned where you like. Those will be assigned to Alt+Num 1 - 9 if you make them “Project” work-spaces.


This is an interesting idea. But I don’t think this would work across multiple projects.

a possibilty. But I would prefer something that works without being set up on a session to session basis. There’s already a lot going into prepping a session. For example mixer zones, project visibility configurations etc.

@Martin.Jirsak Can you explain how to do this? I’m using Cubase 12 so the advice is to stop using generic remote and use the new midi remote (which I’m doing) but what I want to do is have Supervision on my master bus (or ideally on the inserts in Control Room) and have a toggle on/off for it, same as we do for mixers, time displays, etc.

Can you think of a way to do this?

I’d love to know about this as well.

It was easily accessible in the Generic Remote panel to “edit” a specific insert slot to bring it on the screen but it completely disappeared in the new MIDI Remote panel?!

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@alawnmusic How did you do this in the old generic remote, I might still use this function for now with a legacy setup but I’m not sure how to do it?

Mixer | Selected | Ins. X plug-in name > Edit
(You need to have a plug-in inserted on the channel before doing that)

But there is a glitch and the assignments reset every time I restart Cubase, at least for me let me know if it does it for you as well

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@alawnmusic Thanks, and not resetting on Cubase start for me, it’s all working. I can now put Supervision on insert slot 1 on my master and open it with a button now like mixers, time display, etc.

It would be great if they worked Supervision into the code as being a device rather than a plugin as it’s handy to think of it like that. Thanks again.

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Great to hear!
Does it not reset for you even for an insert slot on a regular channel outside of your master?

Yes it does between different projects as the track sequence changes so I have to fix it.

I just wanted it for Supervision on the master (or ideally in control room) so it’s working well enough for me now.

There seems to be a few things that didn’t make it from generic remote to the new midi remote system.

I use Bomes’s MIDI Translator (BMT) to do this. I trigger BMT with a key command and it sends a midi command to Cubase via a Generic Remote I set up. Alt+1 toggles open/close the plug-in assigned to insert 1 on the selected channel. Ctrl+1 disables the plug-in on insert 1. I have it set for the first 10 insert slots.

I do this as well but the problem is that every time I restart Cubase all my open/close inserts assignments get reset, it doesn’t do it for you? It’s a pain to have to re-assign everything every single time

You mean your generic remote settings are getting lost? That certainly shouldn’t happen.

I think if you export the Generic Remote script I think that should fix the reset issue.


This was a bug in some old Cubase versions. You had to export the Generic Remote Device. Then it was working. But this bug had been fixed already.

Please make sure, you have the latest update installed.

Thank you, I’m on the latest Cubase 12 version.
Most of my settings stay, but the inserts x edit settings are the ones that disappear each time I restart Cubase, do you have any solution? I tried saving the preset but didn’t fix it

They only show a name if there’s a plugin on the slot. So they might still be saved…

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