Open plugin shortcut or macro

This looks as perfect workaround. Do I understand that you managed to set it so, that you open whatever Insert VST plugin (e.g in slot 1) on current track? I managed to assign it only for each particular track and particular plugin, which is tedious work and thus makes no sense. I use Cubase 12.

Comment: I managed to do it myself. I just restarted Cubase and it works as expected - Midi key opens the insert in particular slot 1 - 8 in current track. Great.

Make a shortcut key for “edit channel settings” in the Edit category in key commands then assign it to the UF8. I also turn off “always open plugins on top” in preferences & I also make sure the mixer is in focus mode (not floating). this command opens all plugins in the channel, the “esc” key closes one at a time or "Ctl+Alt+P hides all plugins. I also have to select the channel with the “left /right” arrows. I’m using SSL Nucleus with Windows 10. hope this helps

For anyone looking for a working solution for this problem I found a way to open and close all plugins with a single keyboard shortcut. I made a video explaining how to set it up.

Open And Close All Plugins With ONE KEY SHORTCUT in Cubase

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it doesn’t allow me anymore in cubase 13 to change the value


Which value do you mean, please? Maybe a lost the track…?