open plugin while playing music (without slowing down, freezing)

open plugin while playing music, When I do this in CUbase, there is a short freeze and the music hangs or lags. This happens when I try to open a plugin while in play mode. but I tried this in studio one 5.4, it was able to open the plugin without slowing down, freezing or interrupting the sound in any way while playing music in the background.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is, how is Cubases’ current Audio Engine working. It has to change the Audio stream, because the change of the tracks’ Delay Compensations.

Actually the problem is just, during play, if you try to open a plugin (new track example halion 6 or kontakt 6) experiencing a cut and freeze there is a very short drop. that is, we do not want these interruptions when opening a plugin to the new channel while playing music.

There is no problem when we stop the music and open the plugin, studio one can do this with no problem during music.
We would like this feature to come to Cubase as well. this feature allows us to keep our concentration on music