Open Pro Tools projects in Nuendo

Hi Timo

Just one question.

Will Nuendo 6 be able to open PT projects?

Thank You

I’m not Timo but I can’t see this ever happening. You can transfer things today quite easily using AAF.

Yes, but no plug ins will transfer…

Bye / Tumppi

No plug-ins will transfer between any DAWs at the moment so I can’t see Steinberg and Avid setting a precedent with v6.

Cool, a working Metronome? This would be awesome! :sunglasses:

Yes but it would be great to have that functionality in Nuendo. Something like SSL Convert.

The only thing that I really want to transfer is Playlists.


LOL, a working metronome indeed. I love you guys.

Which has not had an update for years now, will not open PT8 or PT9 files unless saved as ptf or pt5 compliant.
Avid encrypt the session files to try & prevent this working - just ask the support biys at AA Translator (which is a much better app that ProConvert, these days)

As much as I’d support the idea of a conversion plug for Nuendo, so sure I am that, as soon as it jumps into existence, “DIVA” will change their own whatever protocols just that much to render it useless… and let SB look like stupid, again.
By the time another NobelPrize-winning dude invents a shellproof progi like that, DIVA would hop out of the window…lol…

It is a very strong aspect of open source software.

We see the same “war” on the text editor (MS Word/Office) front. Compatibility is more or less the only reason they can charge you money for a suite of programmes that basically was available and working to everyone’s expectations decades ago.

As long as nobody puts money into open source, so that people can make a living from coding, I don’t see this changing…