Open Projects in Last Used View cubase

Open Projects in Last Used View cubase in Cubase Elements 10???

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Sorry I don’t understand the question here.

Thank you.
Cubase Elements 10 does not save the last configuration of the windows of the project window when I close it. It always opens with a default cubase configuration.
Is it a failure of the program?


How is the mentioned preferences set on your side, please?

Sorry Martin, but I do not understand your question. ( I’m using google translator)
An example:
if I activate the windows of (Inspector, VSTI and Mix Console) and save the project, according to the Cubase manual when I return to open the same project these windows should be active. When I open the same project again the windows are closed, I have to manually activate them again.


I’m sorry, I was wrong. The preferences I mentioned is not in Cubase Elements.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start mode, please?

Forgive my ignorance Martin …
How does Cubase start in safe mode?
My operating system is windows 10

Cubase Safe Start Mode

Thanks for the help Martin, but I still have the same problem.
I have proven it with previous projects and also with new proyents.
I’ve seen in the forum that there are other users who are the same.
I will wait for an update so that the problem is corrected.


There is a bug, that Cubase Elements doesn’t save Project window Layout. But this is something else. Or do you describe the same issue, in fact?

Yes, I am describing the same problem.

Thanks, Martin.