Open Recent- list not making sense!

hi all. don’t know if this is related to the fact that i’m running c6 on xp and vista. but; if using the project manager file open dialog, setting it to “open recent” presents a list that is not ordered in any usable way!
in c5, the most recent file is listed at the top, making it easy to find. on c6, it seems to list the projects alphabetically? not of any use i think. am i right? could somebody check on this and let me know. i’ve got windows 7 on order anyway but would be good to know if it’s a system or OS specific problem. ed

Here on Windows 7 64 bit
Project manager is alphabetical
Menu, File, recent projects is chronological


I am on XP Pro SP2 running Cubase 6 (not luddite, but disinclined to make major system changes whilst mid project - which is most of the time!)

My Recent Project list is chronological (showing 21 items at present) Implies that your problem isn’t an OS oddity.


thanks guys; will look again. ed

Exactly the same here on Win7 so looks like it’s either a change in Steinberg methodology (from workable to useless :wink: ) or it’s a bug/version .0 oversight.

To confirm:

Recent project list from the menu is fine…i.e in reverse date order.

The recent list in the Project Assistant is in alphabetical order. In C5 it was also reverse date so latest work appears at the top & is easily selected.

If it has to be one way only, then I would much prefer it to be changed back to chronological.
Even better make it sortable both ways.

yes; checked again and it definitely doesn’t work as it used to. couldn’t find any preference setting to get it back to normal…ed

Can confirm it (on Mac, have not checked PC). We will look into it. (27843)

thanks. hope we get a fix. ed

Me too. It appears to be in alphabetical order rather than chronological order as it was in C5. Not such a big problem for me at the moment as I haven’t had that many projects active since getting C6 but once that list gets longer than a page I expect it’ll get really annoying very quickly!

Clarification as some seem to be getting the wrong end of the stick - this is NOT the File -> Recent list, this is the ‘Recent’ list under the Project Assistant.

Same here :frowning:

NOT good!!! :angry:

:question: :question:
Both are chronological here, File > Recent Projects, and Project Assistant -> Recent list. Nothing alphabetical here… Win7 + C6 (and C5.5.2), all 32bit.
The other tabs in the project assistant (Recording, Scoring etc) are alphabetical though.

Did you port your preferences over from a previous VST 5 install?


This one is now confirmed in the bugbase (top sticky).

Luck, Arjan

yes, I’m using my C5.5.2 prefs in C6


PLease read the replies before posting.



“yes, I’m using my C5.5.2 prefs in C6”

Then experiments here show that you will not have the problem.

That could be a clue as to what the problem is and how the testers missed it.