"open" slur

Hi, how can I create in Dorico an “open” slur? Typically used by triangle, suspended cymbal etc…Thank you
Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-08 um 14.39.34.png

I’ve never seen that before. What does the percussionist do, upon seeing that? :astonished:

I’m learning so much here.

let sound longer as written, do not “cover”…In german “klingen lassen”…

It is the same as “laissez vibrer” or l.v.
You cannot do it easily in Dorico right now, though there is a workaround using shift+X and pasting a Smulf bravura tie as a text object.
This has been reviewed a bunch of times in the forum.

Without the possibility to try it at the moment I would input a second Note then input a slur for both and after that delete the second note again hoping that the slur remains.
Just a thought.

Doesn’t work. Sorry.

How about writing a longer note-value; would that mean the same thing?

In principle, if the note is long enough to let the sound die out by itself. Nevertheless, it’s a common form of notation.

I’d love to hear Daniel’s thought on how/when the laissez vib. will be handled!

You learn as you grow. Thanx! :slight_smile: