Open song in Mastering

I am in Cubase LE AI Elements 8.
I open Steinberg Hub and click on the Mastering icon to go to stereo mastering for my songs. But then I can’t open my song in Mastering window.
It opens in its own window. How do I enter a song so I can use Mastering
(EQ, Reverb, etc) ?

There’s not an Application, Window or special Tool Suite inside of Cubase that does mastering. What you opened was an example Template that is configured to do mastering. Templates are used to to create New Projects. Also the example Templates are only Examples and typically require some customization to match your specific configuration, needs & preferences.

All the Tools available in the Mastering Template are available in any Project including your existing ones.

I suggest you read the section in the manual on Templates.

To use the Mastering Template

  1. If needed/desired make any changes to reflect your own Preferences & configuration and use File>Save As Template… to keep your custom version
  2. In your Project do an Audio Export of your mix.
  3. Close that Project
  4. Use your Mastering Template to create a new Project to master your song.
  5. Import the Audio File of the mix into your mastering Project
  6. Master Away…

The main tools you need for mastering are metering, EQs, compressors and limiters - you can use those in any Cubase project.

**There is not really anything in that Mastering Template but a VST Dynamics and an Enhancer plugin so you can just do the Mastering inside of each Project if you will

  1. File/Export/Audio Mixdown with After Export box checked for Create Audio Track. This will put your stereo mix onto a track in Cubase. Then simply mute all the other tracks and inserts and effects for those.

  2. Now all you have to do is pick what plugins you want on that track or on the main output buss

The Template is pretty much not needed and a waste IMO

Do not disagree, but figuring that out is part of the learning process

Probably best to avoid using this when mastering

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Thanks for your help. I will read the manual like you said.
I’m coming back to recording on Cubase after a long while.
Thanks again.

Thanks for your advice. It’s been a while since I recorded.
Appreciate your help.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.