Thurs 3 Jan

Hi Folks
I have a question that I hope some of you may be able to help me with.
I bought a new music PC in March 2012 running Windows 7. From day one I had nothing but trouble with it, eventually sending it back to the shop for Seven weeks, to get it kind of sorted and to be told it was Windows 7 that was causing the problems.
Since having the computer back there are more problems, some so trivial I wont bore you all with.
The main one though is that my official copy of Steinberg The Grand now no longer works, and windows refuses to let me reload it, when it had been loaded and working since March 2012.
I am sick and tired of being held to ransom by Microsoft and being forced to upgrade when there is no need to.
Here is my question. I have heard of one or two people moving to an open source operating system due to their problems with Windows 7, although they don’t use their computers for making music.
Does anyone on this forum use an open source operating system for music making, with Cubase or any DAW software? Is such a thing possible, considering the complexity of such software and VST plugins etc?
I’ve tried to keep this as brief as possible and not bore you all with details.
I’d be very grateful for any help and advice anyone can give me.

Thanks in advance.


Inta Audio Bare Bones PC
Pentium Dual Core 3.00ghz
4gig ram
Windows 7 Home Premium Service pack 1
Cubase Artist 6.5
Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
and a handful of FX plugins

Eh? So you bought an Inta Audio PC with Windows 7 and now Inta Audio is telling you the Windows 7 is the problem? Why didn’t you ask: why they sold you Windows 7, if it doesn’t work? Why don’t you want your money back, because they sold you a non-functional system?

OMG! Open Source Fundamentalists! Oh yes, according to them Open Source is even greater invention, than sliced bread.

Now … Cubase can be run on 2 different operating systems:

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Apple MacOs X
    Neither is an open source one. Yes … there’s open source alternative for Windows: … but good luck to you trying to run Cubase on that.

that complete BS Cubase 5,6,7 works perfectly on win7
now if you have older plugs or other software they might be giving you trouble.

if you think you are having trouble now go ahead and try an open “sauce” OS…

lastly you should have bought from Scan

you bought from a supposed for audio company they should have installed your interace and software and made sure it worked before sending back to you…