Open staff at end of flow

How can I achieve this?
instead of this
I only get the barline at the very end, but how to leave it open like on the 1st image.

Thanks for you help!

You could reduce the threshold for horizontal justification for final systems and then show blank staves after the end of final flows (Setup > Layout Options > Page Setup > Flows > After end of final flow)

This will fill the rest of the frame with blank staves, but you can control that by changing the size of the music frame.

My trick for this is to set barline dash length to 0, then create a dashed barline to end the line. You may need to insert and hide some rests as well.

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Thanks for your help, but in that category it doesnt show ‘after end of final flow’ for me…

Thanks for you tip, Dan. I don’t know where to set the barline dash lenght, but thanks to your comment I got the idea to just insert a new bar with a barline after 1 eight note and hide the rests.But now I cant hide the final barline, even if I set the colour to white. It still shows in black…

Do you have Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements?

Dorico Pro 3.1.10

@dankreider, why misuse a dashed barline when there’s a Notation Option for final barlines?

@beetimhof try this:

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I got it so far: image
But cant remove the barline at the very right

Thanks that looks like a great solution, but it seems like this is only available in 3.5 not 3.1?

It’s available in 3.1 too.

Ah thanks so much, my fault. That’s a game changer :smiley:
Got a little confused because my dorico is in German, not English.

@pianoleo the barline-end option doesn’t work for me, but I’m glad it’s a better solution in this case.

In my case, I need the ability to reduce the manual note spacing after the final note in a partial measure, so I can’t just use a mid-measure system break, because it doesn’t produce a spacing handle… I also have to add an “invisible” barline.