Open Symbol on Percussion vs. Harmonic

Just a small suggestion here. There are two similar small o symbols: the one under the Common Playing Techniques Tab (pt.naturalHarmonic1) and the one under Unpitched Percussion (pt.open2). Understandably, pt.naturalHarmonic1 has no effect on playback of percussion (open hihat and similar), and pt.open2 does. BUT, if a percussion note is selected and ‘o’ input into the Playing Technique popover, Dorico adds the former. I understand that typing ‘open’ will add the correct one for percussion playback, but would it be possible to have ‘o’ simple use the playing technique appropriate for the player type?

At the moment that would be difficult, but if you want to change this yourself so that “o” produces the open for percussion, you can in the Engrave > Playing Techniques dialog (assuming you are running Dorico 2).

Aha! That’s plenty for me for now. Thanks Daniel!