Open ties and l.v.

I have spotted that I can add an l.v. instruction from ‘playing technique’, but are open ties supported yet?

I’m afraid not. You can work around it by pasting the Bravura glyphs, found here, as Text.

Thanks for the tip. I don’t quite understand how to implement this though. So I want to use the following:

U+E8E2 (and U+1D175)
Begin tie

What do I actually do within Dorico to add the glyph?

Oh. There doesn’t appear to be a glyph for a tie / slur - the box is empty!

It’s not under slur or tie, but under Articulation; the link I provided was meant to be quite precise.

Copy the glyph, paste it while in Text input (Cmd+X) and change the character style to Music Font. You’ll have to resize it as well.

The characters on that page are control characters that define where in the score the ties/slurs start and end, if anybody needs to encode that information independent of actually drawing the ties/slurs. As the text on the page says, notation software can ignore these control characters.

There are no glyphs for “real” ties/slurs in most music fonts either - they are created as graphical curves to fit around the other notation. (Punches for the most commonly used shapes of “short” slurs and ties were made in the days of hand engraving, and were included in at least one now-obsolete notation software app, but all that is now ancient history).

You want U+E4BA and U+E4BB on the page LSalguiero linked to - “articulations”.

Quite right you are - thank you!

Thanks Rob - beginning to understand now

Yeah, bit of a faff really. I had to increase font size to 50pt, change position of each tie in engraving mode and then the staff spacing changes because of the increased font size. Hopefully one for the next update.

Yes, I really hope the team gets around to implementing native support for lasciare vibrare ties too: another overlooked (despite being extremely conventional) notation practice that Dorico would be the first software (bar LilyPond, perhaps) to feature.

Unfortunately this is very unlikely for the next update, but we do definitely plan to implement l.v. ties soon.

just ran into this issue, with pizzicato chords. Perhaps the best way to implement this is to make the default font size for music text large enough to be usable. It’s way too small for any glyph, and always re-aligns staves when using a font size large enough to match regular text. The same problem exists for the thumb symbol. I have to spend about 5x as long as one should to get it to work, and any change to the layout requires a re-do of all the manual alignment.

What I meant to say is that the size of music text at 11.2pt font is about 5x smaller than the size of letters. Display it at the same size in 11.2pt and the problem is solved for me.