Open University A234 music course using Dorico

I don’t know if this has been reported before, but I was checking out OU music courses and noticed that students will be using Dorico for the updated level 2 music theory course:-

I studied its predecessor A224 , which was heavily reliant on Sibelius, and know that there was a lot of disquiet about Avid’s antics. This must be a good thing for Dorico, especially if the OU moves away from Sibelius for their other courses. So congratulations to the team.


Thanks, Chris. We worked hard with the team at the Open University a couple of years ago to bring this to fruition, and we have a good ongoing relationship with them. It’s very cool that the UK’s biggest distance learning institution has Dorico at the heart of its music curriculum.


Just wish I had Dorico when I did my PhD there!