Open VSTi UIs automatically anyone?


I work with many Kontakt instances and i´d like to know if there´s a way to open automatically the UI´s plugins (displayed on a second monitor) whenever i click on a midi track which output is set up to this VSTi.

Right now i have all the Kontakt UIs on the right side but its really messy since they take all the screen space and makes it difficult to switch between the different UI instances. Besides, each time i load a new instrument inside Kontakt, the UI i am working with comes to the back so i lose the focus easily.



Interesting you say it but currently there is no way to “arrange” a series of UI’s for VST instruments or other plugins other than to slavishly open and move them manually.

It would be a good addition to the application, and better than any lewd suggestion to make Cubase “dockable”.


There is a keycommand for opening VST.
Click on the desired channel and hit the keycommand,done.

Greetz Dylan.

thanks Sir Dancelot i completely skipped the keycommand.

I´ve come across to a pretty neat solution that links the midi tracks you see in the arrangement and the UI displayed in the second monitor:

  • I use folders that contain all 16 midi tracks routed to a vsti.
  • Created a project logical editor which unfolds only the desired Kontakt instance (usually Strings, Brass, etc.) and close the rest.
  • Created workspaces with a single kontakt UI openened at the right monitor and blocked them. So i got workspace 1: Strings UI opened at the right monitor, workspace 2: Brass UI opened and displayed at the right monitor, etc.
  • Create a macro that triggers the proect logical editor preset + the corresponding workspace and assigned it to a keycommand.

So now i am just 1 keystroke away from displaying the midi tracks on the left and having the right UI at the right, and at the same time i can now forget about scrolling vertically on my projects.