Opened Cubase and now I have no sound at all


I opened cubase 11 for the first time since upgrading to windows 11,

I now don’t have any sound accross the board whether it be cubase, youtube, itunes or games.

I have looked at videos and forums and no one seems to have the same issue as me.

Im wondering if it has something to do with inputs and output, but after hours of troubleshooting I need help.

Cheers in advance

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

You didn’t mention, what Audio Device do you use. But as the sound doesn’t work in general, I would definitely start by reinstalling the Audio Device driver. Make sure, you install it as administrator, please.

I am using a scarlett 4i4 through to 7" krk speakers

I have tried to reinstal the drivers and hasn’t helped

Have you made sure you have selected your audio device asio driver and in connections check that they haven’t been lost? If they had you may not have anything routed to the output.

I believe I have,

Could you provide the steps to do so for me to double check

I don’t have access to my pc at the moment but I think it’s in studio menu you select the audio device and the top menu is connections. Look in connections to see if the output exists and if it does is it connected to a device? If yes then go to the mixer and check routing at the top to see if tracks are routed to the output. Sorry I can’t be more accurate but I’m not in front of my pc

Yeah I believe i have done everything correctlyi so Im not sure where to go from here

Follow this to confirm you’ve done the setup correctly:

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I can can confirm that I have followed these steps correctly

Ans still no sound

Plz help

Have you raised this with focusrite? If nothing is playing at all even windows sounds then there is a problem with the interface in win 11.

I haven’t raised this with focusrite because my 4i4 and krk’s were working when i updated to windows 11

when i opened cubase for the first time after updating a few days later, is when it stopped working

I think that there was a pop up window asking me something about microphones or priorities inside the windows settings.

Might not even be a problem with cubase and could just be in windows settings

Im not sure tho

No one has any ideas?

Help plz

Have you tried going to Windows Settings > System > Sound and run the trouble-shooter? If this killed everything it’s most likely to be a Windows setting, so I would start there.
While you’re on that page, make sure the right devices are selected and volume’s up, and go to the Advanced Settings page and look things over there. There is a “Reset all to Microsoft Defaults” button you could try if you are still having problems.

THIS may be the issue

So I have tried everything in windows including the troubleshooting
When I go to use the test button on the “Digital Audio (S/PDIF” (High Definition Audio Device) it makes no noise.

But when i test “speakers” (2- Fovusrite Usb Audio) it makes the test noise, First time i have heard any noise in basically 2 weeks

I have tried the allowing and disallowing audio rights, changing the default, windows resetting and nothing has changed.

When I play just music off itunes tho, the blue audio bar moves on the “Digital Audio (S/PDIF)” but doesn’t move when on “speakers”

Anyone know what I have done wrong ?

anyone have any ideas at all?

I’m amusing you have made the “speakers” the “default” output in Windows. Also, if Focusrite drivers aren’t “multiclient” (I don’t know anything about your interface), you may have to quit Cubase (therefore "releasing’ the driver for Windows sounds to work. I doesn’t sound like this is the case though if it worked fine in Windows 10. Good luck!

Hi there,

I am wondering if you have found a solution? I have the exact same problem I think. Someone advised I get an audio interface, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.