opened projects

What’s your method of jumping between multiple projects that are opened? Say you have 10 projects/songs from a band opened all at once. How do you see them/bounce between them/know which are opened? (Not activated…“opened”.)
The file menu lists 30 “recent projects”, but doesn’t show which are currently opened.
The windows menu is not a good choice because it shows ALL windows opened for all opened projects. Quite a mess to look at.

Perfect world would be for the Recent Projects menu to be right-clickable anywhere in the project window, and also have a blue dot next to the ones that are “currently opened”…and maybe a green dot next to the one that is currently activated for good measure.


The header of the Project window shows you the name of the project.

Um…yea? What do you do, drag windows out of the way to see the other open projects behind? Is that what you’re saying?

Cascade windows?

Not familiar with cascading. What does that do? I don’t even see that option in Cubase.


To be honest, I sl don’t know exactly. As far as I know, this is Windows specific way of showing of windows. I don’t know if it’s still available in Windows 10. I would search for this in the Windows menu or Google it.