Opening 32 bit plugins and SX projects

Right - glad I got that out of the way.

I have a new machine - Windows 8.1

I’m about to get out a second mortgage and buy Cubase 7 - BEFORE I DO - I need to know that:

  1. I can open my old SX files, using the SX download that Steinberg’s provided somewhere here - has anyone used this successfully - have you encountered any problems?
  2. I can open the 32 bit plug-in Edirol Orchestral, using Bitbrige/jbridge/VST Bridge - which one’s the best and again - has anyone tried this?


You mean Cubase 8?

  1. Yes you can directly open .cpr-projects in Cubase 7/8. Therefore you don’t have to use SX. Just if you also have older .all-projects, you need SX to update them to the .cpr format. The biggest problem when I open old SX projects is, that some of the used plugins are not available in my current cubase installation. So I have to choose new plugins for these tracks.

  2. Yes. First you can try it with the cubase internal VST Bridge. If you don’t have any problems you don’t need to buy external bridging software. Otherwise I can advise jbridge, which is really stable and works (for me) for almost all plugins.

OK…thank you Svengali!
Here goes then - I just won’t eat for a year.