Opening 6.5.5 Projects in 8 Audio Problem

Well i would not call it a problem, i don’t know if it is limited to me or other
people had this problem but Projects saved under 6.5.5 and opened in 8 Pro
the Audio tracks do not play, the Audio is there, the Wave image is there and
also in the Pool everything is there but NO Audio sound…anyone anything on this???

Then i guess is limited to me.

Have you checked the basics?..vst connections set up as you expect, tracks routed to an output bus?
Is it only audio tracks? What about instruments? Are the channel meters moving? Is the stereo output meter moving? do you have control room active?

Ok, now i changed the Topic name too, since 8.05 no 6.5.5 Project can open.
Before was opening, the Audio was maybe my own problem but now 8.05
can not open a single project from 6.5.5. It gets stuck on Loading MixConsole
every single time. Now i will try to save and empty project in 6.5.5 and see
if that will open in 8.05. Anyone else can try this?


No issues opening 6.5.5 projects in either 8 or 8.05 here.

Are you opening them in the same bit (32 or 64) versions?

I would try temporarily renaming your vstplugins folder…often a plug you used in the older version may need updating or is no longer supported.

Thanks Grim, problem seems to be Random i think, they are all 64 Bit,
for now it works fine but sometimes gets out of whack.