Opening 9.5 Montages dodgy

I can’t figure out why, but when opening 9.5 montages, it says it makes an exact copy and then… often fails to open the ‘exact copy’.

Anyone else? I have never had this severe a bug w WL. Showstopper in using WL10.

and then… often fails to open the ‘exact copy’.

What happens then? Do you see an error message?

No error. I just get the WL background screen like I never opened the Montage.

However, it seems like I try again… on another day perhaps… it -will- open. And once I get it saved in the WL10 format, it’s fine.

What I mean is that if it fails, it seems to fail over and over and over again. But then I try again tomorrow and it’s -fine-.

Driving me nuts as it’s happened 7-8 times now.

I guess I’ll soon have all my projects in WL10 format, but frankly I don’t -trust- WL10 yet. I’ve never had a significant file issue like this with WL in 17 years so this makes me want to stick with 9.5 for a while.

AnythingI can do to help you diagnose?

I have to say that I have not experienced this. So far, it’s opened them flawlessly, adding the ‘10’ to the name and copies the plugins faithfully.

Does this only happen when a plugin chain is saved with the montage?

Well… basically every Montage I have has some sort of plug-in chain. So I can’t really say otherwise.

Ok … so what I am thinking is that perhaps … if there’s a common plugin … that might be causing some random comparability error.

Maybe try and create a new montage as usual in 9.5 … but without a plugin chain. Save that and then see if the issue in 10 is the same.