Opening a New Tab in Dorico

Okay, so i want to edit the notation of the Score Parts in a way not to change the music but to change the visuals of the notes for the Parts Score and keep the Full Score Notes the same. Like instead of having 16 16th notes in a 4/4 measure, i have 4 quarter notes with a 16th metered tremolo to save space for page turns in the Parts Score, but it’s not so much the case for a Full Score (Conductor’s Score) Because Page Turns are less relevant.

So, the question is, does a New Tab have this capability of being able to change the visuals of the duration of notes in Parts and keep the same visuals in Full Score or vice versa, or are there any other ways to go about this in the same project?


New tabs is really another window of the same document, so short answer to your first question would be “no”. If you want to show the music differently, you might be better off duplicating the flow and changing what you want to change in the duplicate. But you lose all sync between score and parts, since you don’t use the same flow. Or use a saved as document, same shortcomings with sync.

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Thanks for the clarification Marc. I guess I’ll categorize this post as a Feature Request.

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