Opening a project on another machine - must select VST connections

Maybe since 12. When working on machine a and open the project on machine b, I must assign the vst connections. When opening the same project on machine a I’ve to assign the vst connetions again.
With a short test with Cubase 11 the connections must not reassigned.

Anybody having the same problem?

I experience this even though im opening on one one computer – especially when ive made one project with Audio Interface A , and decide to use Audio Interface B.

In your case, are you using different Audio interfaces on each machine? Either way it’s not that much of a big issue because you can change VST connections in about 10 seconds, just a bit annoying. Unless ofc you have a load of inputs/outputs

Might be worth checking “Studio > Studio Setup - AudioSystem” and check that the correct ISIO drivers are selected etc

I use different machines and I experience this as well. I think if you save an input preset it helps. You have to make sure the audio interface is selected that is the one saved with the preset. Once the appropriate audio interface is selected in audio devices, then go to VST connections and load the input preset. A lot of times that does bring back all the proper selected inputs.

As for outputs, I don’t mess with that control room preset thing because well it loads all the plugins I have in my control room and I have a lot of them, although I tried testing it the other day and it seemed pretty seamless so… maybe I’ll try again.

yes, I’m using different interfaces and of course I’ve connection settings for each machine so it’s “easy” to reassign the in/outs.
My mobile interface was delivered with Studio One Artist, the audio settings are assigned correctly on each machine. Btw. my desktop interface is a RME UFX II.

Thanks to all to share your experiences.