Opening a project with VSTs without loading the VSTs

I’m with Cubase 5

just wondering if there’s a way I could load my projects without having the VSTs that I use in the projects also to load each time I open the projects… cuz it takes a lot of time each time and sometimes crashes…


Move the VST folder before starting Cubase.

You mean to say that I’ve to move the .dll files somewhere else and then move them back when I want to use them??

Yeah, but what are your system specs? How much RAM are the problem projects using?

Core 2 duo 2.0 Ghz, 3GB RAM… Is there no other way i can load the project without loading the VSTs and then load them whenever I want to?? cuz I don’t want to take off the VST instruments from the the VST rack even after I export them as audio because if I want to make some changes later it would be easier…

Thanks for your replies

You don’t need to move the folder. You can just rename it and rename it back later.