Opening a project - Workspace not opening correctly.

I have two monitors. On my desk these are side to side.
I save a project and when I open it, the workspace seems to open correctly, with my project in the left monitor and the mixer in the right.

The other guitarist in my band uses Cubase. He has two minitors. One above the other.
His workspace as the project in the top window and the mixer in the bottom window.
When he saves and reopens a project, both the mixer and project are in the bottom window. He then has to drag the project window back to the top window.

Since the bottom window is Window 1 (as far as the operating system is concerned), it appears that Cubase isn’t coping with negative y-axis positioning of windows when either saving or opening a file.

It has been broken since he last updated his software.

I have the same issue when switching between different workspace. My both monitors are one on top and one at bottom.
I’ve open a support ticket last month, the answer was that it should be corrected in next update …
Crossfinger and we’ll see