Opening *.all File?

I found some .all files, I don’t remember which version of Cubase they would’ve been created in, but it’ll be either Cubase VST 5.0, Cubasis or Cubase SX3. I want to open them to see what they’re all about, but can’t seem to find a way to open them in Cubase 8.5 Pro. Is it possible? Or is the format too old?


The only one way is to install Cubase SX 3 (if you have a machine, where you can install it), and convert he file to CPR here.

Thanks for your reply Martin. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of SX3 anymore, so I’m out of luck with that one.[keyword_search]=.arr

FWIW I got SE3 running on a new Win10 machine without too much difficulty.

I think it struggled on first install but reinstalling in compatibility mode was all it needed.

Bear in mind you will need a current Cubase (ARtist or Pro) license to run it.