Opening an 11.010 project in 11.020 has no sound with all audio connections correct

Ok today i opened a project i was working on , luckily it was only a single track BUT with all my audio connections correct and my routing correct there was no sound from my track , if i choose the speaker tool to listen i could hear the track faintly in the background without registering any meters movement on the stereo output buss .
When i made a new track and dragged the file to the new track everything worked as expected and when i dragged the audio file back from the new track to the original track everything stayed working as it should .
Has any one else suffered with this ? No group tracks ,no Fx tracks involved , just the single stereo track with no inserts in the project .



Could you try to click the Deactivate All Mutes States button (even if it’s not enabled), please?

Ahhh Ok Martin , thanks for the info ,will try tomorrow :+1: