Opening an old project (3), mac, I notice it cannot recognise different language file..?

Any best way around to open the project successfully?

So the issue is,

Some files are named in non English…?
And Cubase needs to recognize that language to load them on project?
And now it is empty with the files that have different language file name…

Maybe is it issue on Mac side or Cubase 12 may not fully read Cubase 3 project font…?

All wave files…

So now it is like,

Lead vocal_$%#@&_01.wav

File missing:
Lead vocal_$%#@&_01.wav

But even though I locate the correct folder, Cubase 12 Pro simply cannot recognize it, cause I guess? the name has been screwed(?)… haha…

But on finder, I read it correctly with its non-English naming.

While I don’t know the reason for the problem maybe this method can help to move on.
You can replace the underlying clips for events. So if the audio files were not found initially you can then drag n drop them onto the events afterwards.


What was the original name, please?

Actually, I opened it up and fixed the naming (to English, e.g. CHORUS_1), by opening the pool, on older computer! It took me some time but, after that, on my mac, it opens without any issue!