Opening an XML file and inserting it as a new flow

I have several Antiphons (Psalm responses) that I created in Sibelius as separate files before purchasing Dorico and I would like to finish the project in Dorico. I have exported each file from Sibelius as separate xml files. How do I import each of these xml files into Dorico as a new flow?

Open the project into which you want to include each of your MusicXML files, and choose File > Import > MusicXML.

Thanks, Daniel. I managed to get the next flow onto the same page, but I can’t work out how to get it to show the heading for each flow after the first one. Each flow needs to show its own heading.

Have you read pages 14-18 of the Version History?

Thanks for sending that link. I’ve read the section you referred to, but it still does not show my flow heading. Either I’m doing something wrong, and I can’t work out what it is, or Dorico just doesn’t like me. I’ve attached a copy of the screen showing the options I have chosen in the Flows section of the Page Setup dialog box.

If you go into Engrave mode, does your right panel look like this? Specifically, do any of the pages at the top have coloured corners or borders? Under Master Pages is it definitely “Default” that’s selected?

And what happens if you double-click the (yellow) Default Flow Heading, in the bottom section? Does it look like this?

Pianoleo! You champion!! Yes, there was a coloured corner, indicating a page override. I found the command to get rid of all overrides and now it’s working beautifully!
Thanks for your help!!

I try :wink: