Opening an Zoom R16 Project File in LE4

I’ve installed LE4 and registered. Also loaded all R16 drivers and they’re recognized by my PC. Set the R16 as my playback and recording in the soundcard. Also opened Cubase LE 4, Device Setup and setup the VST audio to be the Zoom R16. Last went to VST connections. Made sure “outputs tab” ports was stereo 1 & 2 and the “inputs tab” was 1 in first selection and 8 in the second…Instructions were not very clear on this one though.

Anyways, after following directions I still can’t open my R16 project in Cubase, despite having followed all the steps and having the machine connected via USB and recognized. Perhaps the 'inputs tab" being unclear is causing the issue or should I be configuring something else in the software.

The instructions that came with Zoom are kind of vague.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Can you clarify what you mean by “I can’t open my R16 project in Cubase” are we talking an existing project, or are you not sure about how to start a new project?

Under the “Help” menu in Cubase there’s a file called “Getting Started”, you may find this useful if you haven’t already read it.

I can’t figure out how to open an existing project on the r16 in Cubase. I’ll try help. Thanks.

You can’t, you have to import the sound files of your tracks from the SD card into Cubase and then mix them there.

That’s the clarification I was looking for- I had forgotten that the R16 records to SD card.

Quick note- you do not have to change the windows drivers in controll pannel for the zoom recorder, it only has to load when you plug in the device. Then when you load Cubase, it takes over your audio flow. When you exit, it returns to the original audio drivers for your system. There is also a check box in the device settings for releasing the driver when Cubase is in the background- although it doesnt work so well on some systems.