Opening (and sometimes closing) problem

Strange. If I try to open a Cubase project by going to my Cubase projects in File Explorer and double clicking on the .cpr file, it opens fine. But, if Cubase is open and I save and close a project and want to open a different one, it won’t let me do so by going to “open” and “open library.” I get the attached message. And sometimes Cubase will stop working.

Never had this problem until yesterday. The only recent thing I’ve done is add a Sonnox plugin a couple days back.

Any thoughts?


Make sure you have the very latest Cubase 9.5.30 installed, please.

If Cubase makes a crash dump file, share it here, please.

Yes, I have 9.5.30.

How do I access a crash dump file? Assuming I can manage to open it, then copy and paste data here?

Thanks for your help.

Ah. I found the crash dump files. Clicking on one asks me for an app to open the the file. Not sure what to do here. Can I just send the file without opening it? Sorry my naivete in this area.

Just stopped working again.

Yes, just attache it here, please.

Here is the most recent crash dump file:
Cubase 64bit 2018.7.16 18.21.dmp (542 KB)


To me it looks, you are using (or you have installed) some of the Cubase iOS remote controller. This one seems to crash Cubase. If you have it, please uninstall it.

I use iC Pro a lot with my iPad. Do you mean uninstall and reinstall it?


I’m not sure if reinstall helps. If I’m right, I’m afraid, IC Pro is not compatible with Cubase 9.5, so it will crash again.