opening audio and sample editors in 6

i am embarrased to ask the forum, so please be patient.

i can open the sample editor by double clicking on the part in the project window.

how do i open the AUDIO editor, though ?

can anybody spare the time to shine the light of understanding into the darkened corner of my ignorance, please ?

You need to understand the difference between events and parts.

No need to be embarassed! Not sure what you are referring to when you write, " … the Audio editor" … just so there’s no confusion about terms - what do you specifically mean by that, or where are you reading that?


I know this is an old thread but I’d like to know too.

I think the OP means how do you open the ‘Audio Part Editor’ as opposed to the Sample Editor.

The manual is a bit light on graphics maybe? The last version of Cubase I had was Lite - so I’ve got lots of learning to do :slight_smile:


It’s a good question. You first have to create an Audio Part with the pencil on an audio track. Then double click it.
You can also select “events to part” with audio events selected. Audio Parts are just “containers” to put Audio Events in so that it is easier to move or resize multiple events as a group.

Ah! I thought I was going mad.